Workshop 101 – Supporting Joy in Home Visiting: Lessons From the Field

We will begin by providing an overview of what a Learning Collaborative is and introduce the literature behind the FY20 MHVI Joy in Work collaborative. To ground the conversation, MPHI presenters will ask the audience to reflect on what joy means, and what it looks like in their work using an interactive sharing platform (Mentimeter). Following the introduction, a panel of 5-7 Local Implementing Agency (LIA) representatives will introduce themselves and provide summaries of their Joy in Work efforts. MPHI will then ask the group of LIA panel members 5-10 prepared questions. The questions will focus on what joy looks like within home visiting settings, their successes and challenges experienced in focusing on joy in their work, and how they plan to move forward with this work, among others. We will also allow time for the audience to ask their own questions for the panel members. Following the question and answer portion of the panel, the larger group will spend time reflecting on key themes that arose from the LIA panel responses. The main components for fostering joy in home visiting work, surprising aspects of joy in work, and key takeaways from the panel discussion will be shared during this time. To facilitate this larger group conversation, MPHI will revisit the Mentimeter software to ask reflective questions and display audience responses. In closing, the group will have the opportunity to share actionable steps they gathered from the conversation that they plan to implement to ignite joy in their own work.